Sayuri Kingbury grew up in Sapporo, Japan. She started blowing glass at a small glass factory in her hometown when she was 18 years old. She studied glass techniques at Toyama City Institute of Glass Art, graduating in 1998.

Prior to that she attended the Sapporo School of the Arts in Sapporo, Japan. She worked in Japan and Sweden before she moved to the United States. She has shown her work internationally.

She produces an amazing amount of her own work while maintaining a rigorous work schedule for several different glassblowers. Currently, she works on Cape Cod for Fritz Lauenstein at Fritz Glass in Dennisport.

Sayuri, an avid sushi chef, easily transfers her love for intricate details into her line of blown glass. Captivated by the process of combining ingredients whose whole is made up from a sum of parts.

Sayuri smoothly jumps from making beautiful food to gorgeous blown glass. She works each piece individually using her distinctive technique for recycling the glass from the glass artists she works for.

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